How NoDamageHooks was born:

In the summer of 2021 in Wilmington, NC, my neighbor asked if I would mind hanging decorations on her fiber cement board siding in her screened in patio. When I got there, she had a drill and other tools she thought I would need. After looking at it, I just couldn’t bring myself to drill holes into her siding because it is very expensive and the damage would be permanent. Because I had 20 years of manufacturing and mechanical design experience, I thought there has to be a better way. I then went back to my shop and designed a hook that would fit securely between the siding boards. I also designed a tool that would separate the boards the exact amount necessary to insert the hooks. She was thrilled! A couple of days later she called to let me know that she scoured the internet in search of something similar with no success. I thought there has to be something out there. It was so simple. I then hired a patent attorney to do a patent search. The attorney confirmed there was no such hooks for that purpose. I filed for a patent and started selling them on Amazon. Since then, I have sold tens of thousands all over the US and Canada and I received my patent on November 21, 2023 and given the patent number 11821577. People finally had a way to hang décor on their fiber cement board siding without damage. Fiber cement board siding was invented more than 40 years ago. And for 40 years the “experts” have been advising people to drill into to their siding to hang items. My mission now is to get the word out to the 30+ million home owners with this type of siding that the days of drilling are over!